Repair Policy


Your satisfaction is important to us. All returns will only be accepted within the first 10 days of the date of the original purchase. All returns must have a clearly marked Return Authorization Number (RA#) marked on the outside of the box. The RA# must be approved and issued by Espresso RMI LLC.(RMI). Please email or call to obtain a qualified RA# before shipping back any merchandise or product return. No returns will be accepted for any purchased merchandise or goods without an authorized RMI issued RA number. No returns will be accepted and/or refund provided for any goods in the event the customer has used the merchandise or goods in any manner. All returned merchandise or goods must be returned in the original box with original packing materials. 

Returning Merchandise Shipping address as follows:
Espresso RMI LLC.
9039 Vantage Point Drive
Dallas, TX 75243

All return shipping, packing and freight charges will be solely at the customer’s expense, including the purchasing of return freight insurance in the number of customers original purchase price. The customer is responsible for packing and returning the merchandise in a manner that qualifies for their chosen return freight insurance policy. If merchandise is lost and/or damaged in any manner while being returned. RMI will not take responsibility whatsoever for any loss incurred to any merchandise or product. If loss or damages should occur while merchandise is being return to RMI, the customer must look solely towards their freight insurance policy with the carrier that they have chosen and purchased or, suffer the loss. The customer is solely responsible to file for any damages and/or loss claims for merchandise or product being returned with their chosen return freight insurance policy and freight shipper. Upon final inspection of returned goods (with issued an RA#) a final approval and/or denial will be determined for the amount of the customer’s refund. All approved returns and refunds will be issued by RMI. The refund will be for the purchase price less a 25% restocking charge with no refund provided for original outgoing shipping charges and, no refund for any customer incurred returning freight charges for the merchandise. **Electronic component parts and all espresso machine sales are final with no returns allowed whatsoever.**

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